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In the Tailoring and alterations landscape, we have noticed that For too long, standard sizes have crushed self-confidence. This has squeezed people into flawed templates that never truly fit. At King W Tailors, we believe everyone has the right to look and feel incredible.

We over a decade of knowledge and experience. Our staff can help you find the right fabrics and styles to enhance your physique. We provide Professional Alterations, Reweaving, and Custom Clothing for men and women.

Men's Suits

Our Tailors Specialised in Custom Cut tailoring and alterations.


Our Tailors Specialised in Custom Cut tailoring and alterations.

Passion drives us

Established in 2002, KING W TAILORS (PTY) LTD have made more than 1 million satisfied customers.

It all began with the passion of the sewing art, our obsession of perfection was unstoppable, our thirst of innovation was unassailable, we so loved quality that we decided to let the world know about what we do.

Since 2002 we have met with clients from all over the world, We have Tailored, alterated, repaired, patched, redesigned, mended garments for our clients from different countries, different cultures, different traditions. we worked on a Russian Faux fur Coats of more than 180 years old, it was absolutely amazing.

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Tailoring and Alterations
King W Tailor



Leather and Suede


Repairs and Alterations

Men's Suits

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Curtains and Upholstery


Everything Else 😉

Years of experience

Our Values


Tailoring Quality

At King W Tailors, We will forever pride ourselves in the quality of the service we deliver. This is service is never an accident but the result of our passionate effort.


Strong partnerships

We are privileged to have formed good partnerships with some big Brands stores. We are Proud to say Stores like Tiger of Sweden, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Black and Red Brand and Loading Bay are our clients.


Friendly Customer Service

We give each and every customer all our attention and we service them as if they are our only customer. We understand that everyone has different needs.

Wedding Dresses

Great Experience

Our experience in tailoring spans well over a decade. We have been tailoring and Doing alterations for many years, the skills and expertise are engraved very deep within us. 

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